I am a large format( 4x5 inch film) and digital photographer. In the past most of my work is concentrated on silver gelatin, black and white film photography. This process creates images with maximum and a broad dramatic tonal range. The goal is a representation of the visible world that is only found in the finished black and white luminous, silver gelatin print.

The process begins with exposing large format film and carries through to the final, hand printed, custom silver gelatin print. This process can take a minimum of several days to complete. The result is an original custom work of art with a rich pallet of luminous tones that are not found in the natural world.

I also print in large format color and in digital. I use digital to explore portraits and also look for interesting color landscapes. Close up portraits, referred to as head shots, let the personaility of the subject come through.

Today with the improvement in digital technolgy I am slolwly moving towards mostly shooting digital and developing a workflow similar to large format film.